Our Teachers


Rev. Hyunin Dong (Legal Name: Younju Dong) is the head minister of the Won Buddhism of Chicago and a president of Won Buddhism of America, Inc. After monastic training and education at the WonKwang University, she was fully ordained in the Won Buddhist Order in Korea in 1991 and worked at Tongyoung and Apgujung Won Buddhist Temples in South Korea, as well as Boston Won Buddhist Temple, MA and Won Institute of Graduate School, PA in the USA. As becoming the head minister since 2019, her vision is to create a spiritual community at the Won Buddhism of Chicago by practicing mind study together. She has a passion that through mind study, we can become a true master of our own life and benefit others living in the world.

Rev.Sungsim225REV. SUNGSIM LEE

Rev. Sungsim Lee is a Kyomunim, literally meaning one who devotes oneself to teach Buddha dharma in the Won Buddhist tradition. Inspired by the way of spiritual awakening, Rev. Lee started her monastic training in 2003. After finishing Won Buddhist Studies in Won kwang University, she earned M.A. of Won Buddhist Studies from Won Institute of Graduate Studies, Glenside, Pennsylvania, USA. She served as a minister of Miami Won Buddhist temple in FL and Philadelphia Won Buddhist temple in PA. She has served as a minister of Chicago Won Buddhist temple since 2017. She earned MSW at the University of Pennsylvania and deeply has investigated her research interest in the relationship between spirituality, religion, and health for older people.